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    The Whole Flambeaux
The Whole Flambeaux
The Whole Flambeaux

Greetings from The Flambeaux Company team! 

Everyone knows that work and life are separate- unless you are a member of team TFCo. where our life’s work is delivered to your door. The Flambeaux Company is a specialty retailer of savory alligator cheesecake. The best tastes in New Orleans seafood is offered in every handcrafted morsel. seasonal variety of Louisiana staples our distinction in quality is guaranteed! Our food philosophy shapes our way of life. We commit to using the best seasonal seafood found on the South Shore, Lafourche and Terrebonne parish ports for sustainability, healthier eating and the economic benefits of shopping local. 

The creole cuisine that inspired our hearty food is based on blends of African, French,Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and  Native American cooking traditions influenced by southern cuisine.  It is similar to Cajun cuisine in ingredients (such as the holy trinity), but the important distinction is that Cajun cuisine arose from the more rustic, provincial French cooking adapted by the Acadians to Louisiana ingredients, whereas the cooking of the Louisiana Creolestended more toward classical European styles adapted to local foodstuffs.

 Our alligators are in the company of the most regulated variety on the globe.  After surviving nearly unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs, and having virtually no natural predators as adults today, alligators were headed for extinction only 20 years ago due to intense hunting from man. Louisiana ranchers, hunters and processors have some of the best artisanship handed down through generations.  Ask any chef worth his salt, they will tell you Louisiana seafood is the best in the world. Seafood is an important part of life in Louisiana and generations of the finest fishermen began our nation’s industry.

Louisiana alligator is mild in flavor similar to chicken or turkey. The best comparison is directly to the texture and taste of white fish, such as catfish, cod, and tilapia filets. It is sure to please any ones taste buds… except for vegetarians. Our alligator meat is wild caught and in season when it reaches the market. This succulent meat can be prepared in various ways and spiced or marinated much like any other kind of meat. The best thing about alligator is the health benefit resulting from its ingestion. Beef has become a big veto for consumption amongst those apt to heart disease and high cholesterol. They are typically persuaded to cut red meats out of their diet completely. Many in the latter category wonder what to substitute besides chicken and turkey. Bison and elk are suggested and for those who want another source of protein, alligator is an excellent option.  According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, raw alligator meat contains roughly 200 calories (840 kJ) per 3 ounces (85 g) serving size, of which 27 calories (130 kJ) come from fat.

Alligator and shrimp are lean high proteins that are low in calories, fat and cholesterol and high in vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids.

The shrimp we use have a clean taste in comparison to their farm-raised imported kin. The natural sweetness in every bite comes from the nutrient- rich feeding grounds on our coastal waters. The large lake and Brazilian shrimp we make use of makeup ninety percent of all shrimp caught and sold on the market. Due to our use of seasonally available product, our shrimp are NEVER string or mushy.

The family operated and owned seafood vessels add great value to our community and we want to keep it that way. When we shop locally and deliver to your door, we are creating relationships that promote the best of both worlds. When you buy local, more money stays in the community and that helps the U.S. seafood industry at a time when its own natural and economic recovery needs it the most. 

The Flambeaux Co. believes in using the raw materials found in our own communities across the U.S. to shift the balance of our dependency to inferior products.

For more information  on the 'PROTECT Act' review; Customs Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act of 2012″ (HR 6642) 

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